Why donate to VTI?
As most people know and understand, in the social services industry there is always a shortage of funding. Our small home-like atmosphere provides an excellent environment for our kids to succeed. However, the smaller environment has it’s drawbacks in our fund raising efforts. Since we lack the notoriety, name recognition, and budgets of some larger organizations it is far more difficult for us to secure donations from the community. VTI your donation goes directly to supplies and services to help the kids.

Where does my donation go?
You can make a general donation to VTI or a specific donation in which you would specify what you would like your donation to be used for. In either case the funding is used for such things as: clothes, sport camps, sports equipment, musical instruments, field trips and outings, transportation, and Independent Living Skills.

What is the current need?
This is something you can always contact us about but the needs are constantly changing since we get new kids often. Monetary donations are applied to whatever our current needs are. Though it is appreciated, it is best not to simply buy the items you feel are needed, such as clothes. If you want your donation to go towards something in particular, such as clothes, sports, or extra-curricular activities please specify.

I have some old stuff I want to get rid of, could I donate that to VTI?
In most cases it would be best if you didn’t. In some cases this has worked out in the form of couches and old TVs that were in good condition. However, many times we have been donations from people that haven’t worked and have cost us a great deal of money to maintain or dispose of.

Do you take old vehicles?
If the vehicle is in good condition then yes, absolutely! We are in ongoing need of working vehicles as we have to constantly drive our kids all around San Diego.