Get Involved






Thank you for your kind consideration in ‘Getting Involved’ with our programs at Varsity Team Incorporated.
Our mission is to foster youth by providing a clean, safe, professional, and home-like environment, teaching our youth how to be positive members of their community, empowering their independent living skills, encouraging and providing opportunities for growth and friendships through extra-curricular activities such as sports, music, drama, etc.

This mission cannot be reached if it were not for generous people like you getting involved.

Ways to donate:

Unrestricted monetary donation.
VTI uses its discretion to use the money where it is most needed, though it is never used for administrative compensation.

Restricted monetary donation.
The donor specifies how they wish their donation to be spent, i.e. kids activities, christmas presents, clothes, vehicle, etc.

The donor may inquire what items VTI are needed to be fulfilled. Please inquire first before donating goods.

Local professionals have donated services for our residents or staff.  Specific examples of service provisions have ranged from fitness & cooking classes, cleaning services, massage and facials, etc.

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When thinking of donating, please also think of the employees. This is not a job you can emotionally leave at work. They work long hours, are very dedicated, and are the ones putting in the work when it comes to helping these kids.