About VTI

Mission Statement

The Mission of Varsity Team Inc. is to be the premier organization for helping foster youth: by providing a clean, safe, professional, and home-like environment; by teaching our youth how to be positive members of their community; by empowering our youth independent living skills training; by encouraging and providing opportunities for growth and friendship through extra-curricular activities such as sports, music, drama, etc.; and by pushing our residents to expect more of themselves than what is expected of them, so they may grow into confident, responsible, and self-sufficient adults and to break the cycle and abuse and neglect.

The VTI Pledge

To Our Residents

    • We pledge to provide you with a clean, safe, and home-like environment for you to live in.
    • We pledge to give you every opportunity to participate in positive extra-curricular activities.
    • We pledge to assist you in finishing school, finding employment, and transitioning into adulthood.
    • We pledge to be honest and forthcoming about your situation and to treat you with respect and dignity.
    • We pledge to push you to become a better more prepared person when you leave Varsity Team then when you arrived.

To Our Employees

    • We pledge to give you the support, encouragement, and appreciation needed in this field to maintain a positive work environment.
    • We pledge to provide all of the training and instruction necessary to ensure your success as an employee.
    • We pledge to provide equal, if not better, pay and benefits to ensure your commitment to Varsity Team.
    • We pledge to be available to listen to and address any concerns you may have about Varsity Team.

To Our Community

    • We pledge to work in conjunction with social workers, judges, teachers, therapists, and other community leaders to adapt to the needs of our residents.
    • We pledge to become a positive member of the community in which we reside through volunteerism by both our residents and employees.
    • We pledge to teach our residents how to become self-sufficient so the community will no longer have to pay to provide care for them as adults.
    • We pledge to make every effort to hire employees from within the community in which we reside.
    • We pledge to be a transparent organization so that the community will have no doubts that we will honor the pledges we have made.

Pending State of California CCLD approval, the following Core Services and Supports will be provided to residents. Many of these services are currently in place.

VTI offers a wide array of core services and supports to all residents and is able and willing to provide these services to meet the unique needs that each individual resident has. VTI operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, including all holidays. Residents of our program receive services at no cost to them. VTI only accepts placements from county placing agencies who are also the funding sources. Typical funding may come solely from or a split fee from either county or state funds and possible federal funding. These trauma-informed services will also meet the unique cultural differences of each resident. These Core Services and Supports will include; Specialty Mental Health Services, Transition Support Services, ILS Training and Emancipation Preparation Services, Permanency Services, Education and Extracurricular Support Services, and Indian Child Welfare Services.

Our Mental Health Head of Service will work closely with our, psychiatric services, residential workers, therapists, case workers, and county placing agencies to make sure that Assessment, Medication Services, Individual, Group, and Family Therapy, Crisis Intervention and Targeted Case Management are all coordinated, planned, and updated monthly or sooner as needed.

VTI is committed to providing the well-rounded and necessary core services to all residents to promote permanency outside of the foster care system.

Social work services.  All residents have a qualified program social worker that meets Title 22 requirements for social worker.  The social worker is in charge of a resident’s treatment plan.  As such, the social worker is:

  • Responsible for development, participation, coordination, approval and implementation of treatment plans in collaboration with child care workers, other treatment consultants and the resident’s placement worker.
  • Ensures the plan addresses and meets a resident’s needs.
  • Provides individual, group, and family therapy.


SPECIALTY MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES: will include but are not limited to:

  • Assessment/Plan Development
  • Targeted Case Management (TCM)
  • Medication Support Services
  • Collateral Services
  • Individual Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Substance Abuse Services
  • Altruism Therapy
  • Intensive Care Coordination (ICC)
  • Intensive Home-Based Services (IHBS) and Aftercare