Unfortunately 8.5 out of 10 kids in group homes end up either homeless or in prison. In our short time at Varsity Team we have watched two young men graduate from public high school, and a large number of our kids have been able to reunite with family members. Our most current data shows that only 10.35% of the young men that have resided with Varsity Team are in prison or homeless. Our hope is to decrease that number even lower.

There are many success stories of young men to have come through here, some more grand than others. However, our goal of success is simply to be a self-sufficient adult who no longer requires the community to provide for them, but rather a contributing member of the community.

Our favorite success stories come from youth who have graduated our program and come back to work with us as counselors. We have had 4 different former residents work their way back to work with our kids as employees!

Here is a summary from our latest Outcomes Report for our year 2017:

Program Findings

  • VTI had 68 client intakes in 2017, including clients already in placement at the start of the year.
  • All of our clients were from San Diego (53%) and Imperial County (47%).
  • Sources of referrals were the county departments of social services (i.e. WIC300), county probation departments (i.e. WIC602), or dual status cases. WIC300 = 76%, WIC602 = 15%, Dual = 9%.
  • Ethnic breakdown consists of 22% African America, 22% Caucasian, 34% Hispanic, and 22% Mixed Race/Other (No % of Asian or Native American Clients were reported in 2017)
  • Gender identity is primarily male 81%, female 18%, and 1% as other (i.e. self-identifying as non-gender conforming, neither, both, etc.)
  • The age breakdown of our clients was middle school age (< 14 = 7%), high school age (14-17 = 76%), and non-minor dependents (18+ = 16%).
  • In terms of Needs and Services Plan progress at the end of year or time of departure, 27% of clients met all of their NSP goals, 56% met some goals or were making significant progress, and 17% had not made progress towards treatment goals.
  • The average length of stay for residents was 6 months.