Unfortunately 8.5 out of 10 kids in group homes end up either homeless or in prison. In our short time at Varsity Team we have watched two young men graduate from public high school, and a large number of our kids have been able to reunite with family members. Our most current data shows that only 10.35% of the young men that have resided with Varsity Team are in prison or homeless. Our hope is to decrease that number even lower.

There are many success stories of young men to have come through here, some more grand than others. However, our goal of success is simply to be a self-sufficient adult who no longer requires the community to provide for them, but rather a contributing member of the community. Of our former residents that are now adults, over 52% are now gainfully employed, 13% are in the military (we are most proud of these so they get their own category), and 17% are college students.

Our two favorite success stories are two young men who we originally hired to work for us as peer mentors, but have worked their way up to positions of Child Counselors. These two have chosen not only to work hard and stay out of trouble, but have stayed in close contact with our program and want to give back. Vaughn and Chris exemplify the young men that we hope all of our youth grow up to be like. Vaughn is currently a student at Southwestern College with plans to attend San Diego State after completing his AA transfer degree. Chris is currently working two jobs and has already been mentoring other kids in the system at Polinsky Children’s Center. We are so proud of these two young men and feel honored to have them back at Varsity Team once again.